Welcome pupils,
to the Google

We transform the Google Digital Atelier to a Coding Atelier especially created for kids to learn programming.

Ever wondered what coding is and how it works?


We will be using Scratch, which are easy-to-use blocks of code that snap together. 

Do you know what this piece of code means?

Did you know that technology surrounds us every day?

Yes, there are computers and phones that are clearly advanced, but technology is also inside washing machines and even toasters. 

Each of these machines know what they have to do because someone has programmed them that way.

You will learn how to code, using your own imagination and creativity! We want to give you the opportunity to learn more about computers. And how you can create something beautiful, using code.

Programming is teamwork

If you want to tell a story about dinosaurs and your partner knows a lot about space, then why not combine the two? Create a story about dinosaurs living on a planet far, far away, where there are 3 moons! And why not make the sky green?
We will work in teams of 2, you can bring your own friend or make new friends on the spot!

Create your own story

During our workshop, you will learn how to create a storyline, using code. Our own story will be called Adventure on the High Seas.

It’s a story about 2 birds on a boat, travelling home. We will use code to create and animate an ocean and tell a story that takes place on the high seas.

Are there sharks attacking the boat? Are those dolphins dancing with a mermaid?

Let your imagination run wild and create your own story!

Show off your work

By using code and your imagination, you’ll create your own adventure.

At the end of the workshop, it’s time to show your project to your (new) friends and family.


Practical information

For children between the ages of 8-12.
A workshop is 3 hours long from 14h – 17h.

Next dates:

Wednesday 11 september (French speaking class)
Wednesday 18 september (English speaking class)
Wednesday 25 september (Dutch speaking class)

No need to bring your own computer or tablet. Laptops will be provided by us.
Our team will be happy to welcome you with drinks and healthy snacks.

The Coding Atelier is held at the Google Digital Atelier: Cantersteen 10, 1000 Brussels. (Located in the building of BeCentral)


In September we’ll host 3 more workshops from 14h till 17h.

Wednesday 11 September (in French)

Wednesday 18 September (in English)

Wednesday 25 September (in Dutch)


Frequently asked questions

Entirely free. Drinks and Snacks are also provided by us.

Of course! The more the merrier. Ask them to fill out the subscription form.

Don’t worry about it, our classes are very easy to follow. And we also offer them in Dutch and French.

Hi! We’re so happy you found us. Please don’t hesitate to contact our lead trainer, Sara Van Zandycke. And to see when you can come visit us with your class.

No, you don’t need a Google account. But if you’d like to share the project with your friends, then you’ll need a Scratch account. But that’s completely up to you!

You can contact us by email. We are sure we can be of service!